Scale your computing resources on-demand. Cloud Server Computing lets you deploy virtual cloud servers (Cloud Server Computing Instances) in as few as five minutes.

Built on 2EZHOST’s automated infrastructure expertise and Citrix® XenServer™, Cloud servers stand alone or seamlessly integrate with the rest of your 2EZHOST dedicated servers, virtual servers, automated services and additional Cloud Server services. You can create a unified computing environment with unequaled efficiency and interoperability.

Each cloud server is guaranteed to be based on 2.0GHz (or faster) processor, comes with your choice of operating system, access to multiple image templates for fast deployment and leverages our proprietary Flex Images™ technology. With Flex Images, you can capture an image of a dedicated or cloud server and then deploy it on either type of system, and also store, share or publish images from one image library.

With Public, Private, and Bare Metal Cloud options and local- or SAN-based primary storage options, you can choose a cloud server best suited to your application. Our one of a kind Build Your Own Cloud server tool provides an even higher level of granularity, letting you custom configure your cloud server’s number of cores, RAM and storage capacity. And with Portable Storage Volumes as a secondary storage solution, you can move your storage from one cloud instance to another.


Key Advantages

  • Guaranteed 2.0GHz (or faster) cores
  • Deployment in Minutes
  • Hourly or Monthly Pricing
  • No Contract
  • 5000GB Outbound Bandwidth Included
  • Seamless Integration with Dedicated
  • Local- or SAN-based Storage
  • Portable Storage Volumes
  • Automated Recovery Options
  • 24/7 Support

CloudLayer Computing Options

Configuration Options Storage Options
Public Cloud Instances
Multi-tenant environment with 2EZHOST managed hypervisor, ideal for rapid scalability and higher-cost effectiveness
Build Your Own Cloud Local/SAN
Private Cloud Instances
Single-tenant environment with 2EZHOST managed hypervisor, ideal for applications with stringent resource requirements
Standard Local/SAN
Bare Metal Cloud
Single-tenant physical server with no hypervisor, immediately provisioned, ideal for high I/O applications
Standard Local

Local Disk Storage: Primary storage implemented at RAID 10 with faster input/output speeds, our Local Disk Storage solution is ideal for storage-intensive applications and a lower total cost of operations.

SAN Storage: A primary storage solution, featuring automatic recovery for higher hardware resiliency and compute-intensive applications.

Portable Storage Volumes: Our secondary storage volumes are portable and persist separately from the life of a Cloud Server Computing Instance, so you can easily move volumes from one instance to another. Useful for database applications that require access to raw, unformatted block-level storage.